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Problem chromebook acer 15 freeze on booting from usb


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I have a chromebook Acer 15 Cn3-532 i wanna run win on it vía an usb drive, i enter in sabios i selected my usb drive that contains Windows ,  it's freeze on " booting from usb device'" , how can i resolve this problem ? Pelase!

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Okay, Windows 10 likes UEFI more than Legacy so try booting the USB in UEFI mode.

If that doesn't work it could be that the USB has not been correctly set up to be bootable. Is it one that Microsoft (or a reseller) sold you (or someone else)? If it's one you've made yourself maybe try retrying the build process (e.g. use Rufus to write a Windows 10 iso to the USB), it could be you forgot something or missed a step.

Also, keep in mind that Windows 10 requires at least 16 GB of storage space, and your laptop only has 16 GB of storage space which means once Windows 10 has been installed there's no breathing room for programs, files or whatever else you want to store on the drive. It may not even let you install to the disk once you select it, as well, but I'm not sure.

Hope this helps!

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