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After playing with the nano for a few days - love the product and can see how this is going to be very useful.   Yet there are a few things which through lack of knowledge am struggling to achieve and not even sure if possible ...

1:  Symlink - using ln - s /root/portals /sd/portals my nano seems to be still writing to the Root folder and therefore full (lots of resets later and even doing ln -s /root/ /sd/ to everything sits on SD card seems not to work).  Is there a way to have everything on the SD card? so when using portal auth etc if does it directly to the card?

2:  Landing page - we have a company site and wanting to create a "Security Page" which when company employees are tricked / connected to the nano will send them to an external hosted site / company website.  Rather than use a portal so I can just connect the nano to an internet connection and not have to host the portal / as due to point 1 I seem to run out of space and the nano freezes / takes ages to process anything.

3:  Captive portals - the default "Evil portal" allows people to authenticate - yet when creating / importing portals the users receive not authorised and therefore close the browser and think they are not connected / yet reopening the browser allows access.  Is there any kind soul that could demo the PHP / code I need to add to the portal to auto accept?

My PHP skills are poor at best and however many youtube videos I watch I cannot seem to locate the answers to the above, (along with looking around forums etc),  I thank you for taking the time to read and appreciate any assistance you may offer.  As DNS Spoof does not seem to work against the Iphone / company phones and unable to redirect to a site using this method.

Awesome product / having lots of fun - and showing the users how risky captive portals are (they seem to think only other people get hacked) will be a huge bonus as part of the security awareness program.





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