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From what I've gathered reading through this forum for the past 20 minutes, the interceptor is the community project that birthed the Packet Squirrel. What I want to know is, why even bother with the Pi/Packet squirrel?

In Irongeek's implementation, he used a pi zero with an ethernet-usb adapter. Now, in 2018, we could use a pi zero and an usb/ethernet hub along with another ethernet adapter to achieve the same functionality. But, what was stopping them from using an arduino pro mirco/nano with 2 ethernet adapters and just logging everything to an SD Card?

I may just be pandering, but I don't really have the money for a $50 mitm packet capturing device, so I was just wondering why it didn't work out when implemented using just an arduino, 2 ethernet adapters, and a micro sd adapter. I think that'd be a lot cheaper than a packet squirrel. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the interceptor just collecting packets, or is it forwarding them across the net?



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I created the first Interceptor on a La Fonera + I think, really old hardware but worked fine. You can build any of the Hak5 products yourself on commodity hardware and that is how most of them start, the Pineapple started on a basic Fonera then developed. If you want to build your own to save some cash the go for it, there is nothing stopping you and it will probably be a brilliant learning experience.

There are two reasons to buy the products, the first is to save time and effort, if you want a tool that works straight out of the box and has active community support, then that is what your money is getting you. The second reason is to support the show, cash raised from the shop goes to keep the Hak5 shows on the air.

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Yeah I got the part about supporting the show. I really like the work that Darren and you guys do but I'm pretty strapped for cash. I've built similar devices before, but I was just wondering the difference between a device like the interceptor and the packet squirrel. 

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