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Initial setup


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I have read the setup instructions. I watchd the online linux tutorial. No luck with pineapple.

I then tried manually getting it set up, as my computer didnt see it at all to get into dashboard. 

So, i set eth1 as 172 address range /24

I then set 10 net /24 for eth0 because it is (this is my direct wired conx

I also set 10 net /24 for wlan0 as this connects to router via wifi.

All of this DID get me in. I tried multiple combos of above and no improvements.

I did go to wp6 and all it really did on my machine is take add off eth1. Leaving no eth/wlan pointing to 172 net. Still, I conected though.

I have spent 2+ days trying to fix on my own. I have to be missing something. I try to figure things out myself first; but this one has be sunk..

Help if you can. Glad to post any other info needed.

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