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Pen Testing (embedded, automotive) Service Providers Suggestions


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I am looking for suggestions for legitimate pen testing service providers for an embedded automotive application (black box and/or white box).  Need someone that is familiar with embedded RTOS devices, UDS Services, CAN FD & Flexray scom., board level attacks, etc.

My searches have yielded very few legitimate options.  Process / Deliverables should include (at a minimum) Security Architecture Review, Information Gathering, Passive Analysis, Active Analysis, and a complete report.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Thanks digininja for the information.

bump and refine

My application is not IT, IoT, or directly connected to the interwebs.  It is part of a vehicle bus and is not infotainment.  I do not see any info on embedded devices on the sites that you recommended.  If you have any other suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again

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