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Newbie Pineapple Nano question


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Hello! I'm super new to WiFi Pineapple! Awesome product thus far.


is it possible to create a hotspot that gives internet to clients with the Pineapple without having to use cords? For example, have the Pineapple plugged into battery, and then connect to the Pineapple with a wireless adapter  use wp6.sh to broad my wlan0 signal to wlan1 (Pineapple)?



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Yes you can absolutely do that using the Management AP.

You won't be needing the wp6.sh if you connect your Pineapple to an access point with internet, say a pocket WiFi or a nearby password protected access point.

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22 hours ago, Skylord said:

So I just connect computer to the unlocked version of Management AP And thenclients can join and have wifi?

You can also use a smartphone to connect to the management ap of the pineapple, open up a browser and go to, to access it's web ui.

18 minutes ago, Skylord said:

How do you do it with networks that have you accept a certificate?

I don't really know what you mean by this.

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