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  1. Thank you for the reply sub0! Would that bash command work in Windows 10 Powershell? Thank you.
  2. Hello Hak5 Community! I have a quick newbie question. I created a Duck script that is supposed to deliver a Python TCP Reverse Shell through the python interpreter, but it is too much for the interpreter to handle. How do I get a pre-created script onto a target machine using the rubber ducky? Very confused. Here is my script, it is too much I know :( : DELAY 2000 CTRL ESC DELAY 1000 STRING Python DELAY 200 ENTER DELAY 500 STRING import socket ENTER DELAY 200 STRING import subprocess ENTER DELAY 200 STRING def connect(): ENTER DELAY 20
  3. Hello! I just broke my messenger bag. I am interested in the tactical tetra shoulder bag. What size laptop will fit in it? I have a Dell xps 15. Thanks
  4. root@Pineapple:/dev/sdcard# sslstrip -help Could not find platform independent libraries <prefix> Could not find platform dependent libraries <exec_prefix> Consider setting $PYTHONHOME to <prefix>[:<exec_prefix>] ImportError: No module named site
  5. What does connecting it to IPhone do?
  6. How do you do it with networks that have you accept a certificate?
  7. So I just connect computer to the unlocked version of Management AP And thenclients can join and have wifi?
  8. Hello! I'm super new to WiFi Pineapple! Awesome product thus far. is it possible to create a hotspot that gives internet to clients with the Pineapple without having to use cords? For example, have the Pineapple plugged into battery, and then connect to the Pineapple with a wireless adapter use wp6.sh to broad my wlan0 signal to wlan1 (Pineapple)? thanks
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