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Loot directory messed up


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basically when i try to go the PasswordGrabber loot folder it says the folder is inaccessible or corrupted.


Basically that above error.


I think what went wrong was my anti-virus deleting the .exe file needed for the payload.

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On 2/2/2018 at 11:52 PM, Rinilyn said:

Um that is weird. At least show us the error? I never had issues with PasswordGrabber.

Were you able to use it with the recent firmware update? The code requires you to put the .exe into the Tools folder on the Bunny. But everything put into the tools folder gets installed (.deb files) and the .exe goes away whenever i go back to arming mode. So i'm unable to run the PasswordGrabber properly, i would try redirecting the .exe path in the code but i'm afraid of bricking my Bunny again. Is there a different way to use the payload?

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