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I screwed up, someone please help


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So I just got my Bash Bunny today and when trying to copy the latest firmware on it for some reason my computer wasn't able to read it halfway through the copy. So I unplugged it and plugged it back in then the light went green then solid red, I waited a bit for it and nothing... Now when I plug it in it blinks green then nothing.. no lights at all. Trying to get into Arming mode by the way

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Could just be a dodgy USB port.

There should be a "version.txt" on the USB storage partition of the Bash Bunny (just browse to it in Windows Explorer and check the "version.txt" file).
It should show "1.5_***", the asterisks being numbers (I forget them off the top of my head - they're the same for everyone), assuming it updated correctly. Otherwise, it'll show the version you're running.

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