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Hey Hey! Stop fighting over witch *nix based OS is best. We can all unite and say that windows sucks! :-)

I wouldn’t say it sucks, it’s just not the best pick for a server, but if your building a non MAME gaming box or CAD box, then Windows is the best.

You people must hate me lol... I love freeBSD and I love Windows!

I love:



Red Hat Enterprise Linux/ CentOS





Each one is best suited to different tasks/ situation.

Don't take me wrong man! I LOVE DEBIAN!

if You ask me one OS, I would use: DEBIAN .

However reading your opinion about Ubuntu... i though I should mention few thing.

I've tried Ubuntu Server, tested it, tried to see it from every angle and one final word. It is ok! It works fine! it never failed.

The desktop version of ubuntu is really blotted, however the server version looks great! I mean! what the heck! it does not even come with a GCC compiler by default.

I've read that lots here recommended Centos.

File server benchmark on the same machine using Centos and then Ubuntu server showed exact same performances.

First of all, for me Centos = RPM and honestly no way jose. Centos exist because RedHat is releasing publicly its RPM. What happens when they stop doing that? Are you ready to run a production server based on something on which you don't have any assurance that it's gonna continue, are they're still gonna release patches?. Ubuntu however provides support for its server version for 5 years. For an enterprise, this is a good deal

Ubuntu is a certified Oracle platform as well as IBM DB2...

Big Diff between Ubuntu and Debian? well the main I would say is that someone is paying some of the debian developers to work on the project, while debian is just a volunteer work.

Not sure for you, but for me, if I am paid to do a job, I do it! If I have to work on some other project when I get home, then I won't put much of time and of my life in it. That's maybe be, but maybe half of the dozen of people that work on debian. Final word on it? not sure they would continue...

For some that loves to have their hands dirty because of compiling the kernel and just playing with things.

Honestly, at home, there is no reason to install ubuntu, I've got time to play with Debian. At work, what the heck man! your boss tells you, I need a server up running tomorrow with 200 to 300 users registered on it and allowing some client software to use oracle on it?! You think you've got time to even compile a kernel?!

If Debian is not detecting fully all the hardwares on the server, then an alternative is Ubuntu.

Ubunt = debian with newer packages! if you need those new packages and need more driver support (better driver support) then go with Ubuntu.. coz it's just the same freaking system.

Anyway... there is a lot to say! and really guys! all i am just trying to say is that: we all have our preferences but saying a distro suck just because it is a young distro (although same developpers use to work for debian).. that's a bit lame...

The pride of "owning" a hard-core distro is not what is gonna make you profit. It's just a stupid good feeling of 5mn. When it comes to production! it's a completely different world.

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