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Unresponsive Bunny


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Hi All,

Recived my Bash Bunny the other week and it worked fine on the stock firmware.
I then downloaded the firmware updater to its drive and updated to the latest version.

However now i cant get it to boot no matterwhat combination of steps i use.

Here's what i've tried so far

Set the Bash Bunny switch to arming mode plugged and unplugged 3x to put in reset mode
Pluggged the Bash Bunny into a USB power source / or PC
it boots to green then goes blue/red lights for around 2 mins, 
then reboots to green after a few more seconds there is a tiny blue flicker then nothing.
if left plugged in it starts to get hot to touch after ~10mins

Also tried switching to arming mode just as it goes green after the reset, same result. a tiny blue flicker then nothing.

Any ideas as id love to get it working ? 


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