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  1. mine is also yellow forever and as im trying to get creds from my machine while its locked I can go into chrome or watch wireshark. responder is installed and works when the computer is not locked but i need it to work while it is locked. Any ideas?
  2. Good point i should have though of that. Its much better now thanks.
  3. Ive been trying to work with ducky script on the bash bunny and for some reason the repeat command is the only thing not working does anyone know why? #!/bin/bash#Setting up(Magenta)LED SETUPATTACKMODE HID#Beginning HID Attack(Yellow)LED ATTACK#Running cmd to create file in startup directoryQ CTRL ESCQ DELAY 300Q STRING "set volume"Q ENTERQ DELAY 300Q UP Q REPEAT 20Q DELAY 2000Q ESCQ DELAY 200Q CTRL ESCQ DELAY 200Q STRING "google chrome"Q ENTERQ DELAY 300Q STRING "https://youtu.be/MtN1YnoL46Q"Q ENTERQ DELAY 1000#Fast green followed by Solid -> FinishedLED FINISH
  4. Ive tried the unbricking guide multiple times and my BB is still just blinking green then blue and not doing anything.
  5. im having the same problem too.
  6. Im having trouble with this too. The factory resets do nothing, reflashing it does nothing I dont no what else to do. this is $100 down the drain :( when I got it I couldnt even serial into it
  7. Ive always called mine inject.bin cause im pretty sure the ducky requires it.
  8. It didnt work either. It didnt get to the dbug part either :(
  9. So ive been trying to run ducky script in a bash bunny payload but as soon as it hits the ducky script it stops. LED SETUP GET SWITCH_POSITION ATTACKMODE HID LED ATTACK RUN WIN notepad.exe QUACK DELAY 300 QUACK STRING (\___/) QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 300 QUACK STRING (='.'=) QUACK ENTER QUACK DELAY 300 QUACK STRING (")_(") QUACK DELAY 300 I cant figure out the problem
  10. Its formated in FAT. Also tried FAT32 Ive gone through that link with a fine tooth comb so many times. Trying with a new sdcard will be my next attempt when i find or buy one.
  11. It only works once on certian firmwares. Not at all on twin ducky. For that one it just blinks green and red forever and doesnt do anything at all.
  12. No it works once total even when i plug it into a new box. I currently dont have a linux box available. And in my vm if my computer wont recognize it i can't add it to the vm
  13. I have tried many firmwares including twin duck and im just running the hello world payload. Firmware ive tried: c_duck_v2.1.hex c_duck_v2_S001.hex c_duck_v2_S002.hex duck_v2.1.hex duck_v2.hex usb_ v2.hex usb_v2.1.hex
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