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Ssh keyboard-interactive authentication... ruby automation?


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I'm looking to automate the login process on a my router running dropbear. This ssh service is configured in a way that would handle ssh logins with keyboard-interactive authentication.


if you are unsure what this is. You can test your local machines

ssh -o PreferredAuthentications=none -v

Authentications that can continue: publickey,password


Typically you would see (publickey,password)


In My situation this information is not displayed and I'm forced to login with a interactive session.


when you enter a interactive session you would see this below... notice how the user has already been determined by the command used but the session ask for the username 

ssh admin@


welcome to Ruckus running dropbear

Please login: admin



I hope to use ruby net/ssh or even metasploit to login. So far all my test to automate the login process have failed... there is some documentation with ruby net/ssh and keyboard-interactive sessions but I can't find any examples online.

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