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Can only download one song each session!?


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i can only download one song without having to reboot pandora's jar. after downloading the one song the "Fetching ID3 information and tagging MP3 for artist. (Course Of Nature) song (Wall Of Shame)...." does not go away, and subsequently as we all know, when a new song begins to play with this message up you have to restart the program for pandora's jar to work again. What am I doing wrong and why doesn't the "MP3 tagged and saved:

C:PandoraDocuments and Settings***DesktopMusicmp3******.mp3"

message come up after the song downloads?

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you say "as we all know", yet this is not what I experience.

Here's a bit of insight into the logics behind things: (for version 7.4.0 clean from the noobs guide without any patches)

The message "fetching id3... so and so.." is on from the moment PJ starts looking for the file in the temp directory and until it either finds it (and copies it) OR until it gives up (this is when the PJ Java Console window will say something like "cannot rip please run pandora in a FIREFOX browser") both messages are not really helpful...


what you should do is this: wait for the message in the firefox status bar (lower left part of the window) changes from "downloading from aaa.bbb.pandora" to "Done", and then click the "Grab This Track" button. This should work.

If the title does not change to "done" and the song is about to end - try anyway (20-30 seconds before the song ends).

you must be running on a connection that is fast enough for pandora to stay "one song ahead of you". The fact that you can listen to pandora without the song pausing arbitrarily is a good indication that the connection is fast enough.

though if you are very close to the limit - every song will finish downloading just a few moments before it ends - and running pandora's jar under these conditions will rarely be successfull.

I have released an improved version of pj, with lots of features - while I don't think it will be able to solve your problem - I suggest you try anyway.

In a few days I will release a utility for cleaning bad files and re-tagging mis-tagged files in the downloaded-mp3 directory (to the possible extent), this utility will also generate a report that will let you know how far from "perfect" your files are (by counting the percentage of files it could not verify...)

This utility runs against an online database that I am building now (with the help of those who opt-in to the mp3md5 participation in my new version).

I hope this info helps.


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Sorry for being presumptuous. Also, in addition to what i said above, my java screen says "unable to rip MP3 unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser" even though i am using firefox. Are there any firefox extensions (i have a lot) that might disrupt pandora's jar or maybe some settings that mess it up? I recently upgraded to firefox 2.0.

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