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There are some keyboard layouts, which don't have special characters (e.g. Slovak or Czech) like pipe or backslash.

Since such characters can't be single-pressed on keyboard, I was thinking about writing inside the QUACK file.txt file some specific code with ALT encoding, .e.g

STRING command1
ALT 124
STRING command2

which would simply be written as

command1 | command2

Unfortunately, I'm unable to write such ALT 124 key combination. Is this approach possible with Bash Bunny?

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I was thinking that being able to use ALT + ASCII codes could create a truly universal keyboard language layout. I think that numeric keys and ALT character should be universal for any keyboard layout, and by leveraging this, all the special characters, as well as normal letters could be inserted by their ASCII codes. Taken, it would require ~4 "keystrokes" per character so it might be slightly slower, but it would be a very good trade-off between the speed and functionality - being able to use a single language for any keyboard layout.

Does anyone know if this is possible for the ducky? Or could it be implemented in some new firmware version?

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