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hiya guys,

i feel kinda stupid for putting up this post, i got my bashbunny for 4 days now and spend 4 days trying to figure how i get my bunny working and i cant seem to get my payloads working like they should work.

is there anyone willing to help me? step by step? im new to all of this and a total noob in it but i checked wiki and this forum multiple times now

i just want to get it working :)


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in steps i will tell :)

- first use of the BB, i plugged it in and used the updater as is adviced (firmware etc is as it should be)
- then i went to github and got the latest version of the payloads library, downloaded the map and copied all of the content on the BB, and overwrited everything in it
- then to be sure i used the updater again.
- then i used the windows NIC sharing payload to get the internet connection working, that worked as far as i could see
- after this i tried other payloads as described, i copied the payload i wanted to try in the right switch folder, but i cant seem to get any loot or get it working right
- after this i tried the step to get the impacket tool into the tools folder, but dont know if it's installed and/or working 

you need some more info? above are the steps i followed so far

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4 hours ago, s_o_r_c_e_r_e_r said:

My problem was that any "Q STRING" line ending with ".txt" will fail, that's why there is nothing showing up in the loot folder if you are trying to
put a file with the ".txt" extension there.

The workaround for me was:

Q STRING file.tx

I thought that with .txt files u should put qutes? 

Q STRING "file.txt"

Ahh need to try it now


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