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#1 -  Forums, are not customer service. Shop isn't going to see this, generally.

#2 - Patience.

#3 - Contact through the store if after a week or so nothing comes to you. Wait for a response. They do respond and reply on a first come first serve basis, but don't jump the gun. Give it time.

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Store contact - https://hakshop.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and generally, weekdays for responses(per their page). Shop crew is just a few people who do everything themselves, in house. They also might be at Derbycon, but I am not a member of the Hak5 crew, so I can't speak for them, just my observations. They tend to be a skeleton crew around conference time though, with many of them working at the con booth, but again, I can't speak for them. just have to wait till you hear back from them. You should get a ticket # and an email(hopefully) after your info is sent, so if you don't see anything, check your spam settings.

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