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so yesterday i got my bashbunny in the mail (yay)

and the cred payloads where not working (nothing in loot folder)

no worries.jpg ill just upgrade the newest firmware.

i followd all the steps, now with the upgrade to 1.3 my bashbunny did all the steps -green -red -red/blue -green but no blue even afther a hour. then it got so hot it burnd my fingers pulling it out;

now it turns -green -blinking red for a while -green  then stop en getting really hot and stays really hot. i leaved it in for 40 minutes and still noting but only fingerburns



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This has happened a few times to people, and there are many forum posts around here explaining how to fix it, if you're willing to take the time to look.

Here's the general gist of it:

  • Recover Bunny
  • Upgrade to 1.3 again

This usually fixes people's problems.

Here's a few of those forum posts:


Also, what's with the '.jpg's everywhere? Classic 12yo memelord? :P


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