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Ducky flasher red light


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My USB Rubber Ducky shows a solid red LED, what now?


The red LED on your USB Rubber Ducky is an indication that the inject.bin file cannot be read from the micro-SD card. Common causes may be:

  • inject.bin file encoded incorrectly
  • inject.bin file named incorrectly
  • inject.bin file not on the root of the micro-SD card
  • Damaged or corrupt micro-SD card
  • micro-SD card is not seated properly

Troubleshooting Tips:

Test that the USB Rubber Ducky is processing the inject.bin from the SD card:

  • A known good test inject.bin file may be downloaded for troubleshooting from http://darren.kitchen/ducktest/inject.bin
  • Ensure that the micro-SD card is formatted correctly using the FAT file system. If trouble persists, I recommend trying a different micro-SD card.

Test that the micro push-button replays the payload on the target test machine:

  • Using the stock firmware, ensure that a known working inject.bin file is loaded on the root of the USB Rubber Ducky’s micro-SD card and deploy on a target test computer.
  • After successful execution of the payload, test that the payload replays by pressing the micro push-button.






My USB Rubber Ducky is flashing red, what now?


Remove the micro-SD card. It can be stiff at first but will loosen up over time. Some people have used tweezers.

Try reinserting the micro-SD card. Alternatively, insert the card into the included micro-SD card reader and your host computer (Windows/Unix/OSX) to ensure that it can read the card.

If the host OS can read the card, re-insert it back into the USB Rubber Ducky and try again.

If the host OS can’t read the card, you may try re-formatting the card (FAT), or simply try another micro-SD card.




Taken from here (https://www.hak5.org/gear/usb-rubber-ducky/docs) (scroll down).

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I had this problem to twice. One was because I had a damaged micro sd and the other one was because the firmware was corrupted. So just flash the rubber ducky again and try using a different sd micro card. Also you get that problem if you name the inject.bin something else.

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