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Curiously I think I figured it out. When I transferred the "Payload.txt" file to the switch 1 and 2 folders it didn't overwrite the default. Weird. And then I found numerous formatting errors in the text file. Still not working though so I'm researching the syntax of the scripts. something is getting narfed up from whatever text editor you are using to the notepad ++ That I'm using. I've been doing this shit since 1977. Always "issues" I love this newfangled tech. One of these days I'll take down my Fite-O-Net node....... Over 9000 times I've procrastinated that......

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I have learned that not all of these payloads work worth a ffoozle on anyone's computer but the creators. They are also syntax problems from the various text editors. Some are created when the file is saved in an editor other than the one the payload was originally created on. SAVE AS PLAIN TEXT PEOPLE! Otherwise you get platform specific formatting that will really FFoozle things up

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