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compile wifi drivers for an android LG G e975: marshmallow/cm13


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I'm trying to compile wifi drivers for an android device, an LG G, which is running on marshmallow and cm13 .
The kernel is 3.4 , i'm not able to get the original one because it's a custom built rom . 
I did find on github the kernel aimed at the device and the kernel cm13 is based on. both where used to craete the rom , i presume.

I'm not certain which one of the two i should use for the wifi_drivers compilation though.
I have the original drivers from realtek and source code aimed at the same kernel version i.e linux-kernel-3.4 (android) No kernel-headers-generic available nor $(uname-r) would work

(firmware-realtek drivers are available from kali repo(kali chroot env /nethunter 3.15 built from repo with full kalifs - all_OK ! only missing external wifi mon_mode via y-otg, got usb mounting no problem ) 
 I still wish to be able to compile these drivers myself though.

I'm not sure if a linux-kernel3.4 armhf is a universal matching kernel (which means i could use ubuntu backports for Zezty and get a linux-goldfish-armhf copy of same version i.e 3.4_0-26) or do i need to use the specific one aimed at the device or even cm13 ?
This is where i'm stuck, not to mention a failed compilation over & over ... "lib modules not found .." ..etc 

 I have gnu-arm 4.8 compiler + armhf-cross so tools are not the issue , kernel modules/headers/files is

device: 'https://github.com/marxenegls/android_kernel_lge_gee'.

cm13: 'https://github.com/marxenegls/cyanogenmod_kernel_grouper'.

Also do i just unpack the kernel source and use make to create the header files or do i actually need to install them on my x86_64 Ubuntu laptop in particular build directory where they don't conflict with onboard kernel ?

Thanks for any feedback ,
i'm stuck on this for days now and it's starting to seriously weigh on me 

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