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Detecting screen lock


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8 hours ago, AGD said:


You can't run Powershell on a computer if it is locked. I believe he is talking about seeing if a machine is locked when the Bunny is plugged in so the Bunny can decide what to do next, like trying to run Powershell if it ISN'T locked.

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10 minutes ago, quentin.lamamy said:

i need to mount a VB to check?

Which kind of payload do you want to code ?

My question is, is it possible to detect if a Windows (XP SP3+) Machine is locked. Regardless of the payload, I want to be able to automate more thus detect in code if it is locked. I could make 2 payloads, locked and unlocked but I would like to combine that into 1.

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14 minutes ago, quentin.lamamy said:

You have to know that because of security reason a lot of bash function and some functionality are disable when a screen is locked (if you put the BB when is locked and not before), and more thing are disable when session is closed.


that doesn't answer my question, is it possible to detect it, yes or no, and if so, how?

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4 minutes ago, quentin.lamamy said:

like i said think it's possible but i need to go back home and mount a VM and search a way yo do this.

My post was just a reminder :)

ow! I thought you were bullshitting me "i need to mount a VB to check? " mounting visual Basic?  :P Thanks for the effort!

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