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I almost hate to order stuff because standard shipping is so much and it takes a week or more to get to me and I'm not all the way across the US. Faster shipping is just too much when USPS flat rates is not as much as we pay. Now my last order some items were missing and I asked for an update after a couple of days because it takes so long to get anything. Now they did update shipping to USPS but the only trouble is items was packed up and I got a tracking number but it must be sitting in the office waiting for pickup. Doesn't help for it to sit over the weekend. I might have had my missing items Monday if they would have just shipped. Does this happen often? Only 3rd order so I knew on the first 2 it took a week or so to get but not getting all the items sucks because I needed them

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Forums are not customer service. We don't work in the shop. At best, we can say patience and contacting them directly through proper support channels with questions related to store items. Forum members aren't involved with the shop, shipping, and dealing with customer issues. If you're in the U.K./Europe, then contact RKiver directly, he may be able to help, but for USA and rest of the world, go through the shop for help.

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