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I ordered a pineapple tera tactical on June 1st excited by the way.  I got my confirmation email saying it could take up to 3 says to send.  That was not listed when I sprung $18 for 2 day shipping. Annoyed but no big deal. Beginning of 4 business days later checked the status, hasn't been set. Put in a request to ask what's up with the order.  Get a Faq response pretty quick (nice feature btw).  2 hours later I get a generalized email saying if your item is back order it'll ship when they get more.  My order was not in back order. Email is signed hak5 robot.  No emails since. Opened another ticket on end of business day 5 (one week) later asking why my order still hasn't shipped. I get the same 2 emails as I did with the first ticket.  Fast forward 6 hours and check my status. Canceled.  No email saying we canceled your order.  Needless to say I opened another ticket asking to reinstate my order.  This time I went to check the status on my tickets.  All open (normal) but I noticed that Jayson is assigned to all three tickets.  Fast forward 15 min and now I'm writing this.  I wish the shop had a phone number I could call instead of the emails.


Guidance would be nice.


I just finished my Ccna and I want to move into the security side of networking.  I thought a wifi pineapple would be a good way to start since I have my own cisco lab set up to test against.

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