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Assistance required to narrow down Recon bug


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I think i might have found a way to increase the chance for Recon scan to trigger an error. It seems that by running 2 or more Tcpdump/httpsniffer, it will affect Recon module's stability.
What this means is that if you are running modules which utilises tcpdump/httpsniffer (or similar type of binary), it might make Recon module unstable. DWALL is one example of such a module.


This might be specific to my device, so i would like for you to help test this out on your device.
Do try it on a Tetra if you have 1, Tetra might be immune since it is a more powerful unit. 


a) SSH to WiFi Pineapple

b) run

airmon-ng start wlan1
tcpdump -i wlan1mon &

c) SSH to WiFi Pineapple again

tcpdump -i wlan0 &

d) SSH to WiFi Pineapple again

tcpdump -i br-lan &

e) SSH to WiFi Pineapple again. ps command is for you to verify that 3 instances of tcpdump is running in your process list. 

pinesniffer wlan1mon 60 0 /tmp/test

f) Run pinesniffer 4 more times. And kill off the tcpdumps

killall tcpdump

g) Expected output should be one of the below: 
 -   No error reported
 -   Error reading packets
 -   Segmentation fault

h) Report the output in this thread



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