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Feed a Dynamic_25 password to John the Ripper


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Hi I would crack this password:




I know it's in dynamic_25  format, I would try with john the ripper but I don't know how to feed such a format password to John The Ripper, could anyone help?

Thanks in advance

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save it to a file called something like hashes, then run

john hashes --fork=45


john hashes --fork=45 -w=/some/path/to/a/wordlist

john hashes --fork=45 -w=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt

If you have Kali that you're running it on, you will have to unzip the rockyou wordlist to that folder. Alternatively, you can also pipe crunch into stdin for john if you want to brute force everything in ram vs using a wordlist. This will take a while depending on the password length and characters used, but something like the following will work

crunch 4 8 01234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | john hashes --stdin

don't add the fork, won't work on stdin. The above crunch command will make passwords for all lowercase letters(you can add the upper there as well) and numbers from a length of 4 to a length of 8. Change accordingly to what you wan to try. Trying with a known hash and password to test, make sure your syntax is correct first, get an idea how it works. then try your hash above. You may have to go to the john site to look up the specific hash type to add it to the command line if john doesn't recognize it by default.

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