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Find the error......


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My goal is to make my LanTurtle accessible over the entire LAN or the very best in the WAN.

For this I proceed as follows

Step 1: Without LanTurtle plugged in -> Windows 10 -> ipconfig


Step 2: LanTurtle via Ethernet cable cable to the router, other side -->  USB at the laptop -> ipconfig



Step 3 SSH into the LanTurtle


Step 4: Update modules



Now, if i plug out the LanTurtle after Step 4 and connect it to the LAN like in those two Pics below i cant receive the LanTurtle over LAN anything else....


What is my fault?


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So if I understand correctly, you have the LT plugged into a laptop which has the internal address and also into the LAN which received the address correct ? 

* From here, you mention that you plug it through a direct power source ? 

What I get from here is that the scheme is not accessible because the interface it is responsible for connecting to when plugged into a device through USB is not accessible as it's just a power source. 

You should technically still have a LAN connection, however. 

Also, if you're looking to access the turtle remotely you will want to look into setting up the Open VPN server either at your home on a Raspberry PI or on a router / networking device if it supports it. Hope I understood your hang ups here. 


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Thanks for your answer......

Yes, the LT is plugged to a direct power source.....

So at least one of the two IPs should be achievable, but this is not the case...

Do i have to forward Port 22 for Or for 192.168.178.xx?

For now this is the output of my screen


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Well, the interface would not be available because there is no interface to connect to if it's just a power source as this interface relies on a physical interface to attach to. As for the 192.168.x.x failing, did you set this statically ? It's possible the ip changed. 

Try doing a ping sweep of your LAN to ensure it is reachable - `nmap -sS -p 22 --open`

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