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DUCK TOOL KIT Can't get any to work


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I have been attempting to get any script on the Duck Tool Kit to work. Screens pop up, parameters have been verified, nothing works. All I need to do is export a SAM file by mail, FTP, or store locally... Zatz... What could I be doing wrong? 

I even had 2 additional sets of eyes check the scripts, and no luck. 

About to lose it.. 

I am having the same issues with off the shelf Bunny Scripts... 



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What exactly isn't working? Have your verified that you encode the payload using the right Keyboard layout?

Have you tried executing the payload manually? (by that i mean repeating what the duck would do by yourself and see if it works).

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When encoding the keyboard is set correctly. I finally managed to get the SAM file to export properly on a Win 8.1 station Via FTP with consistent results. On Win 10, the ducky will grab desktop icons and launch them on the first pass. Yet, on a second pass, it executes properly. 

I had loaded PowerShell and loaded each line of the script manually. This is how I got where I am now. Yet, the save to local or Save to USB statements result in no file... Odd... Same goes for Sendmail. It never sends a file. However pushing the file by FTP seems to work. 

I used mail accounts on both GMX.com and Gmail, and configured IMAP and POP as active. Settings have been confirmed. As long as I get FTP I am good, but still don't know why sendmail fails. All creds in the script are confirmed. 

Still, a bit unclear on why I can only get the FTP to work. 






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