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  1. Yep when i run it seperatly on another switch it works fine but it wont work when using PopsWRT sadly.
  2. Everything works. Except the tcpdump. A folder on the external Storage is created but there are not tcpdump logs in there. (normal tcpdump works fine) Logs says that tcpdump has been started and is finished so i have no idea what could be wrong. (and yes i switched it to bridge before trying that).
  3. Woah thats dope. Will test as much features as i can and will report back ;) @Dave-ee Jones have you thought about minifying the bootstrap-iso.css to save a few bytes since storage is gold on the PS? :D
  4. Did you even changed something? Don't think so...so check the code and try to get the iptables/tor stuff from it.
  5. For this payload set the netmode to transparent and use the br-lan interface.
  6. There was a discussion about this here:
  7. I described the issue here. The one in the repository , which is the updated version, (https://github.com/hak5/packetsquirrel-payloads/tree/master/payloads/library/sniffing/ispyintel) should works fine.
  8. Wow thats a nice idea :) Thanks for sharing. I might convert this script to a USB Rubber Ducky (since its not that hard)
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