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Ubuntu 6.10 + XGL+ Beryl


What version of linux are you running?  

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I'm new to linux and was wondering how the hell do i make my computer do all that cool pointless shit like in this video?


my PC specs are:

AMD 64 3000+

2047 MB ram

700 GB HDD total

AGP Nvidia 6800 XT

Please, if anyone can tell me exactly how to do it with links and detailed instructions!

p.s. there should be an episode about this

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no he edited and it killed all our posts

actually, yea, i wasn't sure which forum to put it in, so.. yea lol

ACK I was bouncing inbetween thats how I missed that

just a tip Don't Double Post mod can move the thread

and, no, i am not editing your posts. I respect all of your opinions plus putting a more suiting pole question

you couldn't edit us if you wanted to you're not a mod

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go there i posted the way to do it...asshole

tell me if u have ne problems with it i would suggest u first install linux

and dont reply saying u do run linux bcuz a true linux users wouldnt be asking this

he would be asking it at http://ubuntuforums.org/

Currently Active Users: 2684 80% there using ubuntu 60% 1337

and they will answer any ubuntu questions quick as hell

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no, i don't run linux often. only once in a while and i just wanted to try the effect. thank you so much for that k1u

np sorry bout all the insults just that i thought it was weird that u made a poll of psp firmware there lol

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it's alright. well, family guy is on rite now, so i guess i'll try it tomorrow

yeah im gonna watch it while doing some coding modding a laptop and headbanging to rammstein at the same time...i like to multitask

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