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android attacks

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Is it me or is there a limited amount of attacks for android? I was just wondering if there is a particular reason. I just ordered a ducky and plan on exploring keyboard commands until it gets here so I can learn to write payloads (also trying to learn powershell if anyone has tips lol).

Are there android or iphone payloads im just not seeing?

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From what I have seen (although I haven't really looked) I haven't seen many Android palyloads apart from the odd one here and there (check YouTube I have found a few there).

But to answer your others question, I have been teaching myself powershell as well and there are loads of tutorials online. 

But the easiest way I have found is to write up a draft for a payload and script out everything but the powershell section. Lay it out and figure out what you what to achieve and what order it needs to happen it.

Then Google,  lines of powershell commands that with achieve what you what to happen, string to them together or cut and edit them so it works. Run every command individually so you can see errors and troubleshoot. 

Read about how the commands you are using actually work and then start putting together your script. Over time you will Google so many different lines of code and so many questions about the code you will not only learn the commons to run but all about alias' and load of other powershell workarounds to get the job done and do it faster. 

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