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Copy known AP


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Hi, I've been trying for hours and hours and still and am not able to copy an AP... This access point has a password that I know. I have named my management AP with the same SSID that the one I want to copy, I have set the same password and I have set the same MAC address and still when I deauth devices they do not manage to connect to the pineapple. CAn anyone guide me on the way to proceed? Thanks a lot

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Same password does not mean that you're using the same type of encryption. And i'm not only thinking about: WEP, WPA. WPA2.

If the encryption-type used on the AP differs, the client will not connect.
Also, you do not need to clone the MAC to get clients to connect. It's enough to copy the SSID+enc.key.

Hope this will help you a bit :)

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