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Nano PineAP finding more SSIDs than the Tetra


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Some reason my Nano is able to see 32 SSID's (SSID Pool in PineAP) while the Tetra can only see 19. There are no filters and both devices are at the latest version. Both systems are in the same room and both have been factory reset. They both have the default antennas as well (all pointing up) (Nano does have the in-case 500 mW antenna upgrade. I have cleared both lists of SSIDs at the same time and both have been up for days for this test. I have noticed this before so I wanted to put both devices in the exact same configuration for this test.

This does not make sense. My next plan is to change antennas on the Tetra which I don't want to do since I want to keep the Tetra at the lowest profile. The antennas on the Nano are smaller anyways.

Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot?

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I have a similar issue with my Tetra. The Tetra can see only 2 SSID's and my ALFA AWUS052NH can see 10. The signal strength from my router 20 feet away is -82 on the Tetra and -34 on on the ALFA, stock antenna's attached pointing up. I hooked up my 24dB gain antenna to one of the antenna ports and could only see the next door neighbors router when pointing the antenna that way. I suspect something is wrong with the radio on the new Tetra I just received today. TX power is very similar to the ALFA when comparing the signal strength 300 feet away on my phone.

Anyway to correct the poor receive sensitivity?

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Update, I re-installed the latest firmware which corrected the poor receive sensitivity. I noticed right after the Tetra came online and I did the first recon the signal strength from the nearby AP's was good. On the second for third recon the signal strength would drop and most AP's would disappear. After the re-installing version 1.1.2 this problem didn't occur. Currently working great.

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