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The Importance of Virtual Machines per project


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This thread is just a random lamentation I had when working with my forensics lab set-up that I had to spend hours cleaning after trashing it with an automation process I was building to strip permissions from certain file structures that are unique and special cases to windows system environments.

Long story short the automated process managed to create a folder structure many hundreds of layers deep after running into corrupted data (corrupted on the source).  And I had to painfully split them apart piece by piece until they were the folder-depth limit that Windows can read so I could delete them appropriately.

Which leads me to the title of this thread.

Note to self:  From now on every project will be its on virtual machine and only when the data is how I want it and in perfect integrity with proper chain of custody then will I extract it to a more permanent storage solution from the Lab environment in preparation of archive and delivery to the customer.

This way if the project ends-up creating a head ache I can just throw the virtual machine in the trash.

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