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I had some serious issues trying to change the firmware on my ducky attempting to use ducky flasher with multiple versions of linux. I ultimately ended up using a windows based machine to make it work. My ducky is working pretty well except when I write payloads to test anything, because the ducky is setup in twin mode, it will open a window showing all the files on the sd card while executing the payload. Any thoughts or ideas of how to prevent this? It is extremely obvious that the ducky had been plugged in. Not very covert.

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Every Windows machine will react to this differently. It might be the autoplay settings. On some machines they are set to automatically open newly discovered drives with the explorer. Try to disable autoplay altogether (which is safer for your computer anyway).


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Or, on someone else's computer, if you're the one deploying the ducky, the explorer window will probably close when you remove the ducky.

If someone else deploys the ducky you'll have to think up another way to close that window. But whichever way, there's always going to be movement on the screen. Let is know what you do.

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