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  1. I had some serious issues trying to change the firmware on my ducky attempting to use ducky flasher with multiple versions of linux. I ultimately ended up using a windows based machine to make it work. My ducky is working pretty well except when I write payloads to test anything, because the ducky is setup in twin mode, it will open a window showing all the files on the sd card while executing the payload. Any thoughts or ideas of how to prevent this? It is extremely obvious that the ducky had been plugged in. Not very covert.
  2. Ok, so I have continued playing with this and found that in linux mint (running in an vm) that when I hold down the button and go into DFU mode I have to go to the menu options of virtual box and select amtel from the USB list. Then I can open ducky flasher and flash the firmware.
  3. Hey all, I've been using my ducky with the original firmware and it has been working fine. However, I have been trying to flash it into twin_duck mode but I CANNOT get it into DFU mode. I have tried relentlessly. I have followed several of the tutorials with no luck. When I hold down the button and insert it into the USB port there are no LED's flashing. If I insert it into the USB without holding the button I get a solid RED LED. This is making no sense. I know that the button works 100% because if I load a script onto it and insert it into my test system, I can push the button and deliver the payload. Any payload I want and/or write. So the button works. I have additionally tried DFU mode on both linux and windows systems with no luck. Someone help. This is driving me crazy.
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