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Arduino Type's " not @ symbol into Command Prompt


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Hi Guys, 

I'm pen-testing my fathers business network and I am using the Arduino Micro to input commands into the command Prompt. However when the Arduino try's to input an email address to email a log back to the 'hacker' the @ symbol in the Arduino script appears as an " in command Prompt??

Any help is appreciated.

Many Thanks


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It is caused by the keyboard layout used by the OS. I assume your target is using the UK keyboard.You can change the keyboard layout for your Arduino Tools>Keyboard Layout to US English. 

Or rather much simple solution is to use double quotes key on your arduino to type the at key instead. Also do mind escape characters.


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Try in a console 

echo $'\x40'

If that becomes an @ symbol, then maybe you can script it to a variable or use it as is inline like that. Thats the hexadecimal for @ Should note, if using on command line in full string, don't put the echo in, that was just to demonstrate the output to console. Typing $'\x40' will enter @ on the command line but show as an error when you hit enter since it's not  valid command by itself.


lookup table if you need it - http://ascii.cl/

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