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Passive Wifi Enabled Device data collection


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Recently, Mozilla sponsored an "art show" in NYC called "The Glass Room." The topic was privacy and data. One of the exhibits, by "Critical Engineering Working Group", had yagi-uda antennas passively scanning and collecting wifi enabled devices (phones, laptops, etc), that were looking to connect to a network. The data they were able to collect were things like device name, MAC address, preferred network list, and location. I want to recreate this exhibit. Ideally, the collected data would dump into a database where it could be interpreted later to establish a pattern. In the community's mind, what is the best way to complete this project?

Here's the link to "The Glass Room"


Any information would be huge!


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aircrack-ng's airodump-ng can do all of those things, apart from pinpointing the location of someone.

To write the data to an Excel readable CSV file, simply use the --write argument.

Location pinpointing can be achieved with multiple APs (mathematically at least 3), each checking the signal strength for a Station MAC and extrapolating this to pinpoint it's location, with a degree of inaccuracy. A custom script would probably be required for this.

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