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  1. I'm using probeSniffer to log probe requests. I'm on Kali 2.0 using an Alfa AWUSO36NH wireless adapter in monitor mode. Everything works, but about an hour in, the process is "Killed." And it stops logging probe requests. My goal is to run this for several days, non-stop. Is the adapter going into a power management induced sleep? And how would I achieve fixing that so I can collect my data? https://github.com/xdavidhu/probeSniffer Cheers
  2. My morning became strangely poetic. Thanks for the link. From the Cisco link, I read, "Additionally the tool will enter into preventive mode in which the tool will DoS the users of the legitimate wireless network from connecting to the discovered Evil AP." Arguably, if I started this as a project, I suppose the goal would be to get the system to DoS its users from connecting to itself. Interesting concept, research away. Cheers!
  3. I have a pineapple tetra and am currently interning with an I.T. admin. We decided to see how the Cisco AP's would react to the tetra. I booted up Kali and the pineapple on my laptop (which was connected to the guest network) and immediately, the admin received texts and emails that a rogue AP had been detected. When I tried to deauth the AP's for the guest network, they blocked it and sent another email saying the attacks were "contained." As I come to understand wireless networks, I assume being on the guest wifi helped detect the tetra, but I also assume that a wifi adapter in monitor
  4. I purchased an Alfa NH for this, over the Yagi (price/use-ability). I think once I complete this project, I'm going to work on wifi triangulation. Cheers!
  5. Greetings, Recently, Mozilla sponsored an "art show" in NYC called "The Glass Room." The topic was privacy and data. One of the exhibits, by "Critical Engineering Working Group", had yagi-uda antennas passively scanning and collecting wifi enabled devices (phones, laptops, etc), that were looking to connect to a network. The data they were able to collect were things like device name, MAC address, preferred network list, and location. I want to recreate this exhibit. Ideally, the collected data would dump into a database where it could be interpreted later to establish a pattern. In the c
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