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QuickCreds / Responder NTLM Issue.


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**IT Issue, not directly Turtle Related**


Hi Guys,

I'm loving the Turtle, however, I've been able to get everything working however, I'm having an issue.

When I use QuickCreds, or configured Responder, I capture the NTLM hash fine, but when I go to process it in Hashcat, with the known account credentials in the password file, or a weak password that I know and brute force it, I never get the calculated plaintext.

The hash is seen as correct, and viable within Hashcat, but it's not valid.

This is the example NTLM from Hashcat, which works fine:

admin::N46iSNekpT:08ca45b7d7ea58ee:88dcbe4446168966a153a0064958dac6:5c7830315c7830310000000000000b45c67103d07d7b95acd12ffa11230e0000000052920b85f78d013c31cdb3b92f5d765c783030   (Processes to "hashcat")

This is my capture with some details adjusted so that it remains private:


So why is this happening? The only thing I could think is that it's on a domain, (I've been given permission to this this, so don't worry)


Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I'm also researching the turtle. Could you please tell me a little more about the details?

I used the Responder module, and tried to save log files in /tmp. The mod I chose is 9. I tried on my windows10 laptop, but I only found four *-session files in /overlay/etc/turtle/Responder/logs.  I got no NTLM creds.

Could you please tell me is there anything wrong?

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