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Trouble Installing Kali linux, Key Exchange Failure


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I've been Having some trouble installing the linux:amd64 version
i Tried Debain, Ubuntu, Mint, Kali,  to install it on a secondary partition[to dual boot]
But every time I get to network configuration, It gives me an error message that says
Key exchange failure check the wpa/wpa2 parameters you provided.
Im not sure why im getting this error the password i provided is correct, and when i tried installing it in a VM
it had no problem with network configuration.
Ive had no problems with this before, but it doesn’t seem to make any since to me. I could be standing a foot from the router and it will still give me the same error.
whats going on here??

I had seen This Topic on forums.hak5.org. but This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. and i did not find any solution.


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