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Once I deploy the LAN Turtle, SSH into it using my own VPS, is it possible to run my own custom python scripts using the LAN turtle terminal. 

For example:

I write my own python keylogger script and SCP it onto my LAN Turtle. Is there a way to run this?

I'm unsure if this will work as this is connected via ethernet, not necessarily a normal USB stick.

Thanks for your time.

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Yes, you can run your own python scripts from SSH or from a Meterpreter shell if you set up one of those modules. You can also develop modules for the Turtle that echo out a python script and run it, several of the current modules do just that.

However, running a keylogger on the Turtle is not going to do you much good since it would be capturing keystrokes on the Turtle and not the computer it is plugged into. The Turtle gets you onto a target's network, then you can use the Turtle as a pivot point to attack other computers. Or you can do MITM attacks against the computer it is plugged into. You would need a shell on the computer it is plugged into before you can capture keystrokes.

- sn0wfa11, OSCP

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