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Bricked mkV


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Hello everyone! I just tried to update the firmware manually on my mkV. I have been away for a while and my pineapple was hella behind on firmware updates. I was on version 2.2.0. When the pineapple was on and connected to the internet the "check for updates" tab wouldn't display any new firmware upgrades. I downloaded the 2.4.0 firmware and attempted to flash it myself using the command line and the process got about a minute in before bricking it. I have tried the un-bricking process read on countless forum entries with no luck. When I turn my pineapple on, the red and green LEDs are solid. Sometimes and I really mean sometimes, when I connect the ethernet cable the yellow eth0 LED will come on but despite my static IP setup I am unable to communicate with the pineapple. Please help me get this baby back up and running.


Thanks for all the help,


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