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Whats new? What ya working on these days?


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Once again, I'm back from the dead.  Starting a company and having my first child put hacking around with pineapples on the side lines in my life.  I still do it professionally a bit, but that job is just cruising along without much continual upkeep.  Anyways, whats been up?

I recently did the whole openvpn client on a nano like in the recent episodes - works wonders for getting past the stupid content filter from our sonicwall at work :)  I  found the nano to be a bit underpowered for the loads I was putting on it (multiple developers all downloading stuff through it...) so I switched it over to the TETRA which is performing wonderfully.  I still can't believe what a great simple solution that is.

So yeah, what are you guys working on these days?  Whats fueling your technolust?



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