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Pineapple Firewall - iptables?


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Hey Guys


I am a longtime user of the pineapple and I really like this product. Now I wanted to configure the pineapple as a wifi network bridge today. After having circumvented the problem with the hidden ssid by using the network manager and another problem with a password containing a $ sign (simply by escaping the char with a backslash)


Well, I finally got it to work then, but now I encounter another issue:

The idea behind this application I am setting up is, to block all traffic except traffic to a specific IPs. I would like to do this with IPTABLES or something similar, but I cannot find any similar command on the pineapple. I am sure there is something right laying around there, but I just cant find it...


Any Ideas on how to only pass traffic to specific IPs?


Thank you guys and have a nice day!

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