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This is probably a silly question but I can't find much info on it at all. The scenario I have is I travel to different locations and have clients fill out a form I created using google forms, I would like my clients to be able to connect to the AP I created with the WiFi Pineapple and be directed immediately to this form. Using php or html is this possible? I will have an active internet connection at the time so I guess I'm just basically re-directing the clients to a link?Should I be using captive portal instead? Could someone point me in the right direction to accomplish this or is it even possible?   

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Since I received no response on this and I'm sure there are others that may have the same trouble as I did I'll explain (to the best of my ability) how far I got and how I accomplished it. Lucky for me Google forms provides you with a embed link when you share the form, it is in iframes format and I used that code on the landing page and it works great to direct the traffic to the form without any problems, the issue is now that once the form is filled out and completed there is no redirect, it just continues to drive that same client to the landing page after each form completion. 


If anyone knows how I can redirect the traffic after completing the form it would be great if you could share with me. Thanks in advance!

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