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  1. Just installed this today and forgot to format my sd card before hand and had trouble getting the new firmware to mount or recognize it, I finally reformatted it using gparted on a kali laptop I have and it finally mounted it, I tried installing a module on it and it says installed successfully but it doesn't show up under installed modules and refreshing the page just causes the loading animation to loop forever? I can click away to another page no problem but I can never get the "manage modules" page to load again? I even tried reformatting using the web interface after it didn't work the first time but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks! **Edit** After fooling with it for hours and many re-flashes, I finally got a module installed and usable! I'm not sure what exactly my problem was but I'm glad I got it working! I haven't got to fool with it much more then getting it fully functional but it looks good so far! Thanks for the update!
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