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Yardstick One with Kali Linux

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I've read numerous posts on this and other forums about people having issue configuring the Yardstick One Half Duplex transceiver for use with Kali Linux.

Before I buy one, I just wanted to see if anyone else had gotten it to work on that Distro... because, you know, people tend to post when their things DON'T work, then disappear once they get them working.  I'd like to know before I shell out the money for a YS1


Thank you!

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How much is a YSO? $130. Ok, so what is your time worth? Me, I'm fricken priceless so $130 is a few less starbucks so BFD dude.

Buy the thing already and get on with the hacking and help the rest of us Linux noob/dweebs! If you are developing a link system, remember, it takes two to tango...

Got a license?  300-348 MHz (talk to the door/gate openers and make friends with the military!), 391-464 MHz, (talk to weather balloons, weather stations or piss off some hams in this band)  and 782-928 (jam your friends cell phone or eaves drop on your favorite baby monitor in this band)

Cool tool... I wish I had LYNUCKS skills so I knew what 2 do wif it...


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