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Help a newbie out.


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I am pretty new to anything invloving networks but i just got a router and i was trying to replicate what i saw in episode 6 about remotely installing vnc on one of my other computers. I downloaded and installed fastpush8, but i have some questions.

First off this is what i type in and i get an error.

C:fastpush> fp8 (this is the ip address of my other computer) /real411 (i have also tried it with other verisons without any luck either) /user Falcon (this is what i dont get is it the name i have on the other computer like the one i click when windows starts up if so it is Falcon or is it something else that i am missing. The next semi problem i have is that i dont have a pass word so do i just leave a space or what?)

so after a while it says machine " is not pingable via IP. Then it comes up with the error message of "IP access to machine is not available now! Check network and power."

so i dont know what i am doing wrong or if it is because i dont have a password or because i am using the wrong user name. It might even be a problem with my router not letting me ping it. So any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. and while i can install vnc on the other machine by just going upstairs and doing it I just thought it might be a handy thing to learn to do it remotely. Also i have adminstrator type accounts on Falcon but i dont know if that is something different than what was talked about in the episode.

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sounds like a firewall on the remote computer you are hooking up to. Maybe disable it for the fastpush then re-enable it afterwards.

Your router will only truly need to route if you go out to the internet. So unless you have two routers within your network (so you can have multiple private IP schemes) its most likely a firewall issue either on the pushing or the pushed to computer.

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