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Newbie to Terta - several questions

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Hello everyone, I just got my Tetra Elite Tactical, taking few days but finally understanding it. Have few questions, let me preface by saying I have watched the Hak5 youtube videos, Wiki and just about to purchase the book! I have done my research, even called Darren and he answered questions for me (Thanks man!). 

1. Does the Tetra (brand new) only  get signals in/out from what it sees? I have been successful doing Dwall on my own apartment, but when I try to reach out I am having problems getting clients, following the primer video instructions and I am able to pull in my mobile devices, how far can the Tetra do MIM attacks?

2. The USB Y cable, I have IBM Lenovo T520 laptop, should I have both Y cables in USB and power adapter in wall to insure I am getting enough power, or can I use heavy duty 10 ft USB/mini usb cable and the power adapter, does this degrade the signal going into my laptop or power? I like using my 10 ft USB cable (no Y adapter) as it is easier with my small apartment.

I have been using kali in virtual environment on my laptop, having good luck, just cannot seem to pull in clients when testing. I live in apartment in very populated urban area in florida.

I am just getting used to everything with Wifi Pineapple, I wanted to offer public apology to Hak5 also, I sent couple emails complaining about small things that were nothing major. My fault, I see now how the user community can help each other out, which is great. I am accustomed to dealing with corporations, so it is nice getting into this type of user community. Thanks everyone if any assistance can be provided it is appreciated. The Wifi Pineapple is amazing, I have been in IT Support for 15 years, just now getting into networking and cyber security training and getting my CompTIA certs for them.

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